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Have you ever lost a data stick and wished you had backed it up. These simple to use files offer you the opportunity to backup your data stick everytime you place it into a pc. The standard Microsoft Windows AutoPlay opens and offers you a list of actions, one of which will be to backup your memory stick.  You decide if you want to back up the memory stick or not.

A full copy is made of your memory stick and stored on the pc.  If you were to lose the memory stick you simply obtain a new memory stick of the same size, or larger, and retrieve all your files from the last pc the memory stick was backed up on. It could not be simplier.

To obtain the software click here

This is how it works and looks.

Once installed every time you insert your memory stick, the AutoPlay menu will appear:

If you want to backup the memory stick click on the OK button, the back up will occur, or choice another option.

The first time all files are copied over, from then on only new files or amended files and folders are copied.

There is a little reminder about helping Africa. To close the window "Press the Any Key".

If AutoPlay has been suspended on your machine, an alternative to the AutoPlay menu is to open MyDocuments, point at the memory stick, view the folders and then double click (open) the sbu batch file this will cause the back up to occur. This method can be used to back up your memory stick at anytime, remember you still have to have permission to write to the C drive of your backing up machine.

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